Parish Council

Our Leadership Team

Holy Family Parish

Guiding Families to Pursue the Truth and Live It!

Our Vision
Holy Family Parish, following the example of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, will create a welcoming environment to foster a deeper understanding of our mission as followers of Christ, where we gather to worship God, aspire to learn all that is true, and share it through our interaction with our local community, our world, our students and all the members of our parish.


Our Organizational Plan

Our Foundational Ministries

  • Liturgy and Worship

  • Evangelization

  • Education

  • Stewardship

  • Ecumenism

  • Social Concerns and Outreach

Meeting Minutes




Our Charter




  • Fr. Glenn Kohrman, Pastor
  • Fr. Sunday Akuh, Assoicate Pastor
  • Mrs. Jennifer Veldman,
  • Mrs. Lori Andrzejewski, Business Manager
  • Linda Lagodney, DRE
  • Joe Sommers, Music Director

Foundational Ministries

  • Liturgy/Worship
    • Fr. Glenn Kohrman
  • Pastoral/Stewardship
    • Dianne Rerick
  • Education
    • Mrs. Jennifer Veldman
  • Ecumanism
    • Alex Wallace
  • Social Concerns
    • Abby Desmarais
  • Evangelization
    • Karen Orlowski